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This is a work in progress designed to increase the speed of human reaction. To dive right in, the Abstract Submission Request Form awaits. If not I recommend going first to a personal source drawn from this “weblog” or others as you might recommend on the subject of the global urban crisis. Therefore, the need to focus on small, specialized activity is dispositive.

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The code for catalytic change recognizes overlap that involves specific places and times. First, please scan through the contents below, know they change regularly, get edited, removed, re-written and made better or worse, and media-injected randomly. Some will have dead links to content in our rapidly changing digital world. The “preface” link explains the area of focus for reportage. The “participation link” is if you care to share. We will go first, see a random selection of posts (here), tags are (here), a chronology (here), and a timeline back to 50 or so posts (here).



Lys & Diaspar

Cognitive Density

From Touched to Never Touched


Finding Not Fixing


V. Local, Global and Back

Chapter: VI Three Promises