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The urban problem as it is defined today is not correct. The quality of life in distinct urban formations is good but flawed and unrealized. It will be experienced until it is too late, as tragic as an “active shooter” at a local high school and as unforgivable as decades of lead poisoning in a community.

The goals for change remain undefined, and the objectives required lack measures of accomplishment. Without them, a strategic response is impossible, nor are the policies required to implement projects or set priorities for effective deployment worldwide.

When bringing a project forward, we say that “no one is as smart as all of us.” One of the great proofs of this is how the WordPress open-source business model has people building websites and blog communications by the millions. The “all of us” that exists, in this case, is the small group of people who began WordPress and added thousands of partners and participants happy to grow and to work free to the edge.

SiteGround is the server/host of this site.  It is a bit more nimble and proud to focus its expertise on WordPress installations and other resources to facilitate the integration of technical services that support website content integration—as for this effort, recognized it as a host within a host within a host.  Like matryoshka, it is one doll inside the other. Combined, they can be seen as small groups making a change. The experience of opening one leads to another. Each change can be for good or ill. That is the only way change occurs. The single idea is to outnumber and exceed with reliable, sustainable transitions.

Hosting a Knowledgebase

The Report requests contributions of research on problems emerging in the Anthropocene. It will focus on urban formations and density. It will be necessary to dig into the psychology of this urbanization process before the nesting damage to the host known to us as “the earth” becomes unchangeable. All the data in the world will be unhelpful without small groups of people involved in every aspect of life; data can make degradation reversible and do so persuasively.

Themes and Articles

  • The first order of business is to be comfortable with participation by aligning your interests and answering a few questions for organizing ourselves with an Abstract Submission Form (here).
  • One of the questions in this form concerns technical contributions (SQL, PHP, etc.) to managing content. The SiteGround Knowledgebase is available for review.

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